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The NORMANDY RESISTANCE MUSEUM presents a wide collections of historical items dedicated to the Resistance in Normandy, and one of his darkest consequence: the deportation to the German camps. When you enter the Museum you dive into the sad period of the Nazi occupation: firearms, uniforms, propaganda posters, etc. give you a vivid experience of that time. In this part of Normandy, many secret Resistance organisations were strongly active to escape downed crews from crashed airplanes. So our collections explain how was organised these escapes routes and the strories of so many local people involved. Some resistance members were captured and then deported to German camps. Many objects and POWs uniforms from this specific period are widely exhibited and described. The museum was created by the direct protagonists of these local resistants who gathered this collection with the help of many families and private donors.

In the heart of the North Normandy
The NORMANDY RESISTANCE MUSEUM is located in the center of Forges-Les-Eaux, a charming typical Norman city, well-known for his spa hydrotherapy activities. Resorts, restaurants and a Casino offers you a nice opportunity to have a pleasant Norman experience. Only 120 km far from Paris, 60 km from Dieppe and 45 km from Rouen, the NORMANDY RESISTANCE MUSEUM is a remembrance step you cannot miss!

Many crashes of Allied planes
This part of Normandy was a direct fly route from England to the 3rd Reich. Many planes, both bombers and fighters, were downed in our region. In the NORMANDY RESISTANCE MUSEUM you could see the genuine remnants coming from these crashed airplanes and the fate of their crew members, sometime sad and often more positive with the help of the French Resistance.

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The aim of this museum is to keep alive the remembrance of the French underground especially in Normandy and Seine Maritime. The mission to welcome visitors from everywhere in the world and to teach the young generations about that dark period. Guided tour with our French/English guide Line Gérard.

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Opening hours
. Open everyday 2pm - 6pm
. Closed on MONDAY from April to October
. Closed on SUNDAY+MONDAY from November to March
. GROUPS : only on reservation for
  the morning or the afternoon

. Please BOOK YOUR VISIT in advance.

. Entrance fees 5€
. FREE for children under 10
. School group 2€ /visitor
. Groups 4€ /visitor, including visit with   our guide

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